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Kim Masseuse Extraordinaire

About Kim

In the Spring of 2015 I spent 2 months in Europe.
I sampled massages in Madrid, Lake Como & Amsterdam.

In Berlin I completed a Diploma in Thai Massage with:                                         


From these travels, I can assure you that our

Northern Californian therapists are World Class!



  I originally hail from the rainforests & beaches of Australia and now call Lake Tahoe my permanent home.


My travels have taken me through-out Asia & Europe, sampling health treatments from Balinese 5-star resorts to blind Nepalese holy-men. I have practiced at natural therapy centers, sports clinics, medi-spas, ski resorts and my own home studios.


I enjoy massaging so much that I miss it when I don't do it! I give a truly deep tissue massage without the usual pain & discomfort people usually associate with this therapy. I believe that the aim of massage is to get the muscles and central nervous system to relax & release so your body's self-healing mechanisms can work at their optimum. This is attained by finding that perfect pressure...go too deep and the muscles contract..the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve!


A range of clients seek my services, including:

  •   Professional athletes integrating massage into their training

  •   Pregnant mothers supporting their bodies before & after birthing their children

  •   High-stress business people keeping their sanity & avoiding heart attack

  •   Birthday recipients getting a special treat

  •   Injured clients wanting a speedy recovery

  •   People in need of nurturing through a challenging period of life

  •   Mature clients managing back complaints & degenerative ailments

  •   Computer users wishing to correct their posture

  I am a keen outdoor enthusiast and Bikram yoga practitioner. I attained a Certificate in Massage Therapy with Distinction, along with First Aid certification. I completed a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science and in 2008 founded the GROW Project. GROW sponsors the planting of rainforest trees in biologically rich areas, creating habitat for 3 endangered species in North Queensland, Australia.


I endeavor to run an environmentally sound business by:

- using a fuel efficient car

- working at home when possible

- using recycled paper items

- using environmentally friendly cleaning products

- sponsoring the planting of 1000 rainforest trees

- adopting the 'recycle, reuse & reduce' ethos while maintaining high hygiene standards!

I look forward to treating you on the massage table soon!



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